On Sunday January 15th 2017 at 5:30 p.m. one seating only Purple Hibiscus is heating up your January at The Merchant Kitchen


As our Pop Ups are fewer and farther between; this menu features 10 courses of your favourite Purple Hibiscus "Flavas":   http://purplehibiscus.ca/index.php/pop-up

$65 per person, prepaid reservations only, gratuities at your discretion. We have a full Vegan menu available. For those of you who wish to give a "Culinary Caribbean Tour" as a Christmas present, printed "Tickets" are available. Please call us at 204-795-5675 or 204-795-0524 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us here on FB to make a reservation 


We were located in Winnipeg's French Quarter, beautiful St. Boniface;  unfortunately, we had to close our doors at this location.  We are currently looking at potential locations so that we can reopen and continue on this wonderfully delicious culinary journey.  We promise to keep you posted, thank you for your continued support.  Ave


Welcome to Purple Hibiscus …. let us take you to "d'Islands" of the Caribbean one "flava" at a time.

Savor the quintessential street food of Trinidad & Tobago – the famous Ali’s Doubles - which was "invented/created" by Ave's grandparents and their siblings back in 1936, in fact the name "doubles" did not come into existence until 1959. 

The menu theme of Purple Hibiscus is today’s Caribbean style Fusion Cooking. While fusion cooking is not new, the type of Caribbean Dishes prepared and presented at Purple Hibiscus is. 

The very nature of “the Caribbean” - our culture, people, history, and most of all, food - is the product of a fusion of flavours unmatched anywhere in the world. It is East meets West, when the world was still “flat”, and the evolution of that meeting. Purple Hibiscus is founded on and continues to draw inspiration from a rich history of traditional Caribbean cultures such as Amerindian (the Caribs and Arawaks), East Indian, African, Chinese, French Creole, Continental, each one directly influencing culinary favourites such as Creole Caribbean Cuisine, West Indian Curries, Caribbean Chinese, and the ultimate - Trini Flavours.

Come back to d'Islands...one flava at a time